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As a new initiative, we have created a Design Matters Committee with 5 design practitioners from some of the from the best and most happening companies around the world.

In January we met up in New York for a discussion about the topics, trends and inspiration for Design Matters 2017. More specifically, we discussed:

  • The biggest design challenges, we are facing right now as designers
  • Trends that will effect our designs and work methods in the near future
  • The role of the designer
  • Inspiration from other industries
  • Interesting topics for Design Matters 17

But why?

We believe that these committee members can add a more global perspective to Design Matters. Also being design practitioners ourselves, we believe that by engaging the community and understanding which trends and needs they spot, we'll be able to create a more relevant and interesting conference. 

Meet the committee

Most of the committee members were also speakers at Design Matters 2016.